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Degree in speech and hearing communication, and psychology; expert in stress management for adults and children and certified in parent education.  I can be a teacher, public speaker, and an author.

I am a consummate researcher (especially about the brain) and an expert on how energy systems of the human body influence us in relationships. 

Some of the salons that I teach include Overcoming Stage fright and Fear of Public Speaking, Putting Off Procrastination and Marketing Your Business, Deliberate Listening versus Parallel Conversations and more. 
I frequently design an inspiring talk or salon for a networking group, a business, or a group who has a specific intention in mind.
I love Maxine.  She is snarky, direct, and a bit like me.  Here is one of her more illuminating quotes.


What is your financial investment? It serves both of us to discuss it rather than posting it.

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