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These cartoon images are taken from John Gray's (author of the Mars-Venus relationship books) WHEN YOU CAN FEEL IT, YOU CAN HEAL IT!  John gave me permission to use them.  Wasn't that generous of him?   
When I was choosing a partner, I tended to choose a man who repressed and suppressed his emotions.  I would then "act out" his emotions.  In other words, when a situation arose that was upsetting, his upset energy would come into my emotional tank and my peaceful energy would go into his emotional tank.  Huh!  How does that happen without me knowing it? 
Then I learned how emotional energy worked.  At one point, I was sitting with my partner and feeling so angry.  I had no idea why I felt this anger.  Then as a deliberate action, I projected this anger energy over to my partner's tank.   He immediately became flushed and his mouth tightened and stayed closed.  When we talked, I found out that he was actually frustrated and angry about a couple of things at work.  Nothing to do with me yet, I was acting out his emotions?  Yikes.
Here's another example of energy when people try to be "nice" and yet are suppressing negative emotions.
What if this happens in domestic violence relationships.  What if the perpetrator's violence is amplified by the victim and the victim's "VICTIM" energy is amplified by the perpetrator's. 
What if this is amplification occurs in road rage?
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