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The quality of your voice is affected by a combination of psychological and physical factors.   If you are feeling ill or experiencing frustration, impatience, pleasure, nervousness, excitement ...people can detect this in your voice. 
Do you have a "metallic" voice?  When listening to your telephone greeting, do potential clients with sensitive ears hold the telephone away from their ear just to tolerate the sound.  The sound of your voice can cause people to cringe rather than connect.
How can you develop a soothing, melodic, embodied voice that attracts people into connection rather than feeling defensive and irritable?  How can you embody your voice?
Sometimes the voice doesn't fit the image that you want to portray.
Actor Tom Selleck had a high voice that didn't seem to go with his super masculine looks.  If you listen to him now, he has shifted his voice significantly to match his physique.
One of my services is to give you feedback about your voice and telephone greeting as either authentically welcoming for your business (receiving your client) or a practiced "professional" spiel.
Call me and discuss the possibility of shifting your voice so that it emanates from your body, resonant and centered.  The embodied voice influences individuals and groups by putting them into the sound of pleasure. 
Do you enjoy RECEIVING attention?  Or are you critical of your presentations as if looking into a mirror.  Do you know how to receive your audience?  Do you expand (or contract) within yourself?  Are you aware that expanding allows you to develop an intuitive connection that promotes audience engagement regardless of size?
I use my knowledge of the brain in peak performance to expand your skills to those of an athlete who is playing "in the zone".
You learn to speak as if looking through a window connecting with your audience rather than in front of a mirror fearing rejection and criticism from your audience.
You learn to ground yourself instead of being in the fight or flight survival mode where you feel frightened and nervous.
You will learn how to be photographed embracing your excitement. Posing and fake smiles will be replaced by connection and receiving.  What a difference this will make in your business!
This is coaching that has a lifetime of value in professional as well as personal life. 
As professional speakers, trainers, marketing and sales professionals, do you know how to give presentations and inspire without being boring? 
In a word, story ... story ... story?
Do you know how to tell a story that engages your audience?  Do you ask the 
audience questions?  
I just watched a speaker who walked out on stage, welcomed his audience, and asked them to turn to their neighbor, and introduce them self as "a genius".  Do you think he engaged his audience?  He then asked a series of questions asking his audience to raise their hands, or stand up.  He now had minds AND their bodies fully engaged and focused totally on him.
Are you willing to learn how to engage your audience?
Email me.

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